How to avoid disaster when introducing a Speaker on stage

Apart from being absolutely hilarious… this should’ve never happened.

When you are MCing an event and bringing on the speakers, they should never be left to look stupid like this.  It immediately discredits the speaker and the audience lose confidence with them before they even say a word.

People are blaming the candidates for blowing their entrance, (which is TOTALLY fair and reasonable in this case as they are politicians!) however the support team around them including the MC and stage manager should’ve done a better job to help them shine in the spotlight.

Check out the video below of the start of the Republican Debate. Absolute comedy gold!


7 tips for MC’s to avoid disaster when introducing Speakers

  1. When you are MC, make sure you speak to all of the speakers before they come on stage.  Let them know how you are going to introduce them and how they should enter the stage and where they should wait while you announce them.
  2. Give them a big warm welcome and make them look like a rock star to the audience.
  3. If they don’t have good line of sight to the MC like in this video, make sure you have a backstage manager that can direct the Speakers.
  4. Think about having a rehearsal if necessary and time permits.
  5. Think about what could go wrong and come up with a potential plan of action.
  6. Think on your feet and don’t EVER expect things to go as planned.
  7. Don’t work with animals, children or US Presidential Candidates


Click Play on the Video below to see this hilarious and also disastrous start to the Republican Debate – GOLD!