One quick tip for Speakers to get a laugh from your audience

The first rule if you want to get a laugh from your audience is don’t tell jokes.  Jokes are a real problem for Speakers because it puts you on the radar and people know that you are trying to be funny.  If the joke doesn’t work, you’ve left it all hanging out, looking like a bit of a dill. #awkward

So what do you do instead? Do what Professional Comedians do.  Reflect the truth. 

If you look at most comedians around the globe, they aren’t telling jokes are they? You may not have noticed (until now), but they are all doing pretty much the same thing.  It may appear different because Comedians bring their own style to the stage, but if you study them closely and break it down to the most basic form – they are just reflecting the truth – holding up a mirror to life and saying “hey have a look at this!”.   Simply pointing out random things that are funny about life.

That’s how they get their laughs from the audience, and you can too. But where do you find those funny things in life to talk about?

Well I’m glad you asked…

The 3 best ways to find funny things to talk about are:

In the routine

This is the stuff that happens day in and day out that no-one pays attention to.  The things that you experience but never think about.

In the mundane

These are the boring things that you don’t think much of, but when you take a closer look there is so much gold.  For instance, you just have to start a conversation with someone about which way the toilet roll goes to see the humour unfold.

In the intimate details

When you examine the tiny little details of things, get very specific and break it right down, you can see a treasure trove of potential humour.

Want to see it in action?

Rather than me explain any more, have a look at this example from Comedian Michael McIntyre, who has based a whole bit around scissors and sello tape.  Pay particular attention to how detailed he gets about something as routine as trying to find scissors in the house.


And this example is from Comedian Carl Barron who points out some pretty obvious truth about something as mundane as Milo – yep Milo! (P.S. There is a language warning on this one -use headphones if you are at work!)