Do you want to add more humour to your presentations?

Do you wish you were a funnier speaker so you could get more gigs or charge higher fees?

Have you heard that 'it's important be funny if you want to get paid' but have no idea how where to start?



Foundations of Funny

Foundations of Funny is a 2 hour introductory workshop for Speakers, Presenters and Thought Leaders that gives you the basics on how to use humour in your presentations.

What you will learn:

  • The secrets that professional comedians use to have their audiences in stitches.
  • Why you should never tell jokes and what you should do instead.
  • How to use humour without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.
  • How to deliver your humour so it is 100% risk free - if it doesn’t work no-one will ever know and your dignity will remain in tact.
  • How you can make people laugh even if you aren’t a funny person.
  • 9 places to seamlessly integrate relevant humour into your presentation that will support your key messages and not overshadow them.

About Your Presenter

Meet Kate Burr

Kate Burr is a Humour Coach, Speaker, MC & Stand Up Comedian.  With over 15 years experience in the Comedy Industry Kate brings her extensive knowledge and skills to teach others how to use humour to entertain, engage and influence.

Creator of the Stand Up From The Crowd Framework, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology which she uses to help teach humour and comedy to Speakers and Thought Leaders.

Exclusively tailored for Professional Speakers and Presenters, Stand Up from The Crowd makes sure humour is used with purpose to support your key messages and topics, rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh.

Here’s What To Do Next

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