Kate Burr is a Humour Coach, Speaker, MC & Stand Up Comedian.  With over 15 years experience on stage and in the Comedy Industry, Kate brings her extensive knowledge and skills to teach Business Owners, Speakers and Thought Leaders how to use humour effectively.


Rather than just telling a joke to make people laugh, Kate focuses on using humour to entertain, engage and influence.


Kate makes sure humour is used with purpose to support your key messages, brand and personality.


Creator of the STAND UP FROM THE CROWD Framework, Kate has “left-brained” comedy by adding her own templates, checklists, laugh data and reference maps methodology which she uses to help teach humour and comedy to others.


Kate offers a range of workshops, coaching and training programs that can help you use humour to engage and influence your audience, team, prospects, clients and customers.


With a focus on “helping people feel good”, Kate loves to create a fantastic experience which helps you and your business stand up from the crowd.


“Because you stand out more when you stand up!” Kate Burr


About Kate’s Comedy Career:

Kate Burr, Australia’s MUMber 1 Comedian is the creator of “Recharge Comedy Shows for Mums” and the “Physically Stuffed Mum” in the comedy musical show “Three Stuffed Mums”.

Kate received a nomination for best emerging comedy in her solo show “Back in 30 Minutes” in her Fringe Debut in 2007.  She was also part of the cast for the sold out show “Titters!” that won the Adelaide Fringe People’s Choice Award.  She was the co-writer and performer in the multi-award nominated show “Three Stuffed Mums”.

Kate’s talents have seen her perform in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, Comedy Clubs around Australia, National and International Business Conferences and hosted the inaugural GO Festival in Melbourne, Australia.

Kate’s comedy looks at the challenges and pain that impacts on day-to-day life and she effortlessly takes away its grip on you by turning it into something laughable.  Her bubbly effervescent nature overflows on stage and she brings such a warm energy to the place it’s hard not to feel better after seeing Kate perform.


Media Acclaim for Kate Burr

“Full marks!” The Advertiser

“The audience loved her” Chortle (Australia & NZ Comedy Guide)