Are you cheerful enough to be in charge?

Time to a gloomy boss hearts to a cheery oneA recent article by the Sydney Morning Herald  attracted my attention.  Titled “Are you cheerful enough to be in charge?

Basically, the article suggested that if you are a grumble bum at work you might get your staff to do things for you, but if you are cheerful and positive then people will be more willing to go the extra mile.

Kristie Buchanan head of RedBalloon, says a boss’s demeanour has a direct impact on the output of those below.

 “A happier workplace is a more productive workplace and I believe that the energy of the team echoes that of the leadership,” Buchanan says.

She continues to say that

 “People will give their time to a gloomy boss but give their hearts to a cheery one,” Buchanan says.

“They may give the same amount of hour

s to both kinds of bosses but the discretional effort and quality of that time will differ.”

I’d like to think that this line of thinking extends beyond the realms of just the boss at work – and suggest that it also applies to being in charge on stage – whether that be presenting, speaking or stand up comedy.  If you are positive and cheerful on stage, then you have a much better chance of people paying attention so they stay awake (or shut up) so you can communicate your message more effectively.

When you connect with people in a positive way, your audience will more likely take your message to heart and be more likely to listen to you when you ask them to take the next step – whether that be buying your product or service, making changes to their life or signing up to your mailing list.

I totally get that being positive and cheerful is sometimes hard – and the article actually suggests a few ways to be more positive… but I think the most important way to be more positive is to actively manage and seek out fun in your life.

If you don’t have any fun/cheerfulness/positivity going in, then how are you meant to get any of that to come out of you?

It can be as simple as hearing a quick joke, or seeing a funny quote or video that makes you happy.  What’s that old saying about you only get out what you put in?

Often surfing the web, watching Youtube and mucking around on Facebook looking at funny stuff can be considered a waste of time – but if you look at the benefits of positivity and laughter on your life then surely it’s worth a couple of minutes of your day?  Isn’t it?  (And if you don’t have time to search the internet make sure you join the “Belly Laugh Collective” – see below – to get a daily smile delivered straight to your inbox)

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