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Kate's bubbly and effervescent nature overflows on stage and she brings such a warm energy to the place it's hard not to feel better after seeing her perform.  If you need an MC or Speaker for your next event Kate can help.

Humour Coaching helps Speakers and Presenters who want to increase their fees and get booked for more gigs by using humour to entertain, engage and influence their audiences.

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"I just got back from speaking in the US and I simply cannot believe how being authentically funny made a massive difference. I smashed it, because you showed me how to be funny my way in my style in a way that connects with the audience. Simply amazing, one of the most powerful things I have ever learned in speaking."

Rowdy Mclean
Rowdy Mclean Certified Professional Speaker

Kate Burr, MC extraordinaire! Kate was our first choice to MC at Melbourne's first GO Festival and was a perfect fit for our female focused event. Visitors felt relaxed and comfortable with Kate. With a perfect blend of information and comedy Kate was able to keep the main stage fun and relevant to our audience. Kate was fantastic and brought warmth and character to our main stage - Thanks Kate!

Susan Dibbs
Susan Dibbs Event Manager, Go Festival

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